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My Private Stylist is a web-based program that allows you to input your measurements, body type, features etc - and it then creates a portfolio of styles that are suited to you personally.

You can learn about every item you place on your body; from necklines to hemlines, skirts to dresses, pants to shorts and much more. You'll be shown exactly what suits your body shape, age and lifestyle.

  • You can avoid making a mistake again when it comes to a clothing purchase or choosing an outfit to sew - and match your shoes, accessories, make up, etc.

  • You will know what to keep and what to throw out when it comes to going through your wardrobe, drawers and that fabric stash.

  • You will save valuable time on choosing the right styles and fabrics to sew - you will have the confidence to sew with your expensive fabric pieces

  • And you'll look great every time you put clothes on!

For each style of clothing, you will be advised what is a great match, good, good only if…and what to avoid.

Oh and the styles are updated regularly and the program has a link to the site that the garment was sourced from! How cool is that? You can go to the site and take a closer look at the design and "...just make it yourself".

My classes are suitable for total beginners to the more advanced. You can learn Sewing and/or Patternmaking hands on classes or Online, depends on your level of knowledge.





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