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Well equiped Sewing Studio, in a picturesque setting at: 102 Scenic Crescent, Eltham North Vic 3095 - View map

Equipment supplied: Tracing Paper, Bernina Machines for sampling


Evening Sewing Classes Day Sewing Classes
Tuesday & Wednesday (Ladies only)
Thursday (Mixed)

Saturday (Ladies only)

7.00 to 9.00 p.m 10am to 12noon
All Welcome on Thursday evenings
(No children or teenagers)
All welcome

How much?

$140 4 weeks in advance, ongoing classes (2hr class per week). This is a payment schedule, not the length of the full course
$70 Refundable deposit (2 paid weeks required to resign from course).
$210 Total. ($216 by credit card).
$150 DKEMEL Patternmaking Kit (Includes DKEMEL Patternmaking Ruler, Armhole Curve, 3 Training Books and Roll of Paper)
  For enquiries and enrolments, please email dragana@dragana.com.au.

My Terms & Conditions:

  • Bookings are taken with full payment before commencement
  • It is your responsibility to attend each class; I do not offer 'make up' classes, refund or credit. Absentees are charged.
  • Classes are for ladies, generally over 21 y.o. (not suited for children, teenagers or men)
  • If a class is cancelled by me, a full refund will be given.
  • Payment for ongoing classes must be received by the due date (i.e 4th week of the 4 week block - refer Class Timetable)


There are 3 Training Books; each book will take 12 to 16 weeks to complete.

To become proficient in Patternmaking, you need to work through the exercises in the books to learn the various techniques, understand sizing, designer ease and apply these to your own designs.

Most students will accomplish all this over a 2 year period. Total Contact Hours would be approximately 144 Hours - 2 hours per week, over 36 weeks of the year (no classes on school holidays or public holidays).

Section 1 - Skirts, Basic Front and Back Bodice, Shirt Collars, One and 2-piece Sleeves, Pants

Section 2 - Revere collars, Fitted Front Block, more advanced styles

Section 3 - Avant-garde styles, advanced raglans and gusset style sleeves


Recommended for the intermediate or advanced sewer who understands basic garment construction, sewing terms and pattern pieces (facings, collar stand etc).

Patternmaking is a skill that requires basic maths skills, drawing with rulers, measuring with tape measures and having an aptitude for technical drawing.


1. Can I learn to make patterns to my measurements?

Yes, the DKEMEL Patternmaking method is especially for one-off designs with made to measure capability.

2. Can I make a garment from a photo or my own sketch?

Yes, once you have been through basic exercises, learning the blocks and how to apply them. I encourage everyone to start a "wish list" - a collection of pictures that they like. As you progress through your learning, we will apply the skills you have learnt to your wish list.

3. Do I have to make calico fittings?

The only calico fittings we do, are the bodice fittings. We need to prove your measurements in a 3 dimensional form, after that, unless you change shape, we will do no more. You will be able to draft your desired design and go home and sew it up!!

4. How long will it take to learn patternmaking?

There is a lot to learn in patternmaking. You need to allow a minimum of 12 to 16 weeks for a basic wardrobe. If you want to be able to pick up any picture and draft it to your measurements, you need to allow approximately 2 years part-time. 2 hour weekly classes over 36 weeks of the year. The amount of practicing you do in your own time, will be greatly beneficial.

5. Can I make patterns for other people?

Yes, some of my students have become private dressmakers who make "made to measure" garments for individual clients.

6. Can I get a Patternmaking Certificate after the course?

No. I don't offer a Certificate Course as I am a private Sewing School and have no accreditation rights with the Australian Education Board. However, many of my students went on to RMIT, Box Hill TAFE, Melbourne School of Fashion, to name a few, and have all been successful in securing a place for further learning. Some have obtained jobs in the industry, others have started their own labels and some are operating successful private dressmaking businesses.


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