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Dragana Edwards started off as an ambitious home sewer who had a passion for fashion. Since 1989, I have been offering Sewing and Patternmaking classes to thousands of sewing enthusiasts, fashionistas and people who just want to have fun learning to design and make their own clothes.

Whilst working full time as a Business Professional in Banking and Finance, I found a need for a creative outlet to relieve the stress of everyday corporate life. This was further fueled by the insatiable appetite for designer clothes. Names like Armani, Dolce e Gabbana and Versace were to expensive to own. Burda Patterns have been and continue to be great for everyday standard items but  finding similar patterns for designer wear or my own ideas, was time consuming and almost impossible, pricing and fitting were another issue.

Learning patternmaking was the answer.

Having mastered an Italian method, Alta Moda, I invested valuable time to research, compare and master other methods. These included various industrial and Japanese  methods. With a quest to find an easy but effective outcome, hard work led to the development and production of the DKEMEL Patternmaking method, which is proudly made in Australia.

I have taught many a student in the DKEMEL Patternmaking method, mostly for their own use, others for careers in Private Dressmaking and Tailoring and some have applied the  knowledge to create portfolio's for Fashion Design studies or Fashion careers.

The added advantage of  teaching my method is that I am the mastermind behind the product, I have worked with thousands of students to test the results and have made many designer inspired outfits. DKEMEL Patternmaking method is wholly owned and supported by me, Dragana Edwards.

As they say, the rest is history………

Today the classes, affectionately known as the “Stitch 'n' Bitch” classes, are  popular with professional women who are also looking for an atmosphere that provides a fun learning environment with the bonus of making something fabulous that no-one else will wear.

Come along to a girls night-out, without the booze and enjoy a session of gossip and glamour, meet new friends, build your confidence and walk away stress free, ready for your next challenge.

Well equiped Sewing Studio, in a picturesque setting at: 102 Scenic Crescent, Eltham North Vic 3095 - View map

2019 - Sewing & Patternmaking Classes
Total beginners to intermediate levels.
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